Contact: 965 99639794
Hi and welcome! I'm kerry A sellers, Kuwait based female photographer and if I could sum up what I do in one sentence this would be it: I inspire people through beauty. 
Born in USA, 1960
2012  Studied at the New York Institute of Photography.
When you hire me to do a shoot for you, you can expect the utmost care and time taken to do the shoot right. I am not an image factory where I pump out the prints. I take my time in editing to make sure your best side is presented. Whatever your need, I can shoot it for you. I am confident you will be satisfied. I cover event, commercial, personal and artistic photography. Contact me for my rates for your event, personal, portraiture, wedding, commercial, corporate and artistic photography.  

If you want to see more of my works you can take a look at my portfolio at, and kerryasellersphotography on instagram. Links below.
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